5th March 2019


We are engaged in providing LED TV Repair/Service. Our proficient professionals render these Television services by using ultra-modern technology in line with industry norms.

We provide LED TV Repair/Service in Chennai for home also commercial repair, service and maintenance. We offer ourselves to providing Chennai’s Best Television repair technicians, while maintaining effective prices, fast service customer satisfaction guaranteed.

We cover services in most of the areas like, Adyar, Velachery, Anna Nagar, kotturpuram, Besant Nagar, Mylapore, Mandaveli, siruseri and other parts of chennai City.


5 Tips On Caring For Your LED TV



1. Adjust Brightness

LED TVs have white lights or sometimes RGB lights that dim overtime. Once they start to dim, that is the signal of an upcoming end of a lifespan. But you can do something in order for the lights not to dim right away. What you can do is to lower your TV brightness to an average level. Most LED TVs are normally adjusted to their highest setting. Because they are working with full brightness, they would surely use up their longevity. However, if you do some adjustments, you can easily turn an average lifespan of thirty thousand hours in full brightness to sixty thousand hours in average brightness. This adjustment might seem small and irrelevant. But it would surely help you enjoy your LED TV for a very long time.


2. Adjust the contrast


Aside from adjusting the brightness, you might also want to consider adjusting the contrast. Contrast measures the difference between the darkest and the brightest colors. If you put the contrast setting to a high level, your TV would be using more power. And as your TV uses more power, its lifespan would surely be reduced. You do not have to watch in a high contrast level all the time. Adjust to a lower setting from time to time. Doing so would prevent the LED lights from being burnt easily. Most televisions have viewing settings like “standard” or “movie.” Opt for these settings because they save power.


3. Use a microfiber cloth


It is important to dust your LED TV regularly so that it would be rid from damage-causing dust. A dusty TV can be an eyesore too that surely needs to be taken care of regularly. Whenever you dust your TV, make sure that you use microfiber cloth. These are readily available in hardware stores and are very inexpensive. Microfiber cloths are designed to clean electrical devices effectively without leaving any scratch. They prove to be more effective than the most common cleaning stuff that people use; examples include newspaper, toilet paper, or even old shirts.


4. Be careful when cleaning with liquid


Sometimes, there are stains that just cannot be removed. Well, you might want to consider dampening a microfiber cloth with distilled water. Using that would do the trick. If not, you might want to consider purchasing those commercial special cleaners that come in small spray bottles. Some people also consider cleaning with a vinegar/water solution. If you ever use liquid when cleaning your TV, take uttermost precaution. Liquid is the number one enemy of all electrical appliances and you would not want it to damage the internal parts of your highly-treasured LED TV.


5. Avoid long TV marathons


It is fun to watch shows on LED TVs, especially these days when high quality DVD’s are very accessible. But no matter how much you enjoy your LED TV, make sure you turn it off every once in a while. Marathons are okay. But it is not ideal to let your television go on for more than six hours. Yes, you might have to cut movie trilogies like Lord of the Rings into several viewing parts. Let your TV rest its pixels. Also, avoid turning it on and using it for background music as some people do. If you are not using it, turn it off. You would not only prolong the life of your TV but you would also be able to save valuable energy.

All in all, apply these care tips for your LED TV, and it would surely run for a very long time. Of course, when it comes to maintenance you have to consider other basic knowledge as well: do not let kids play with the TV, handle the TV with care whenever moving it, prevent it from falling from its face – these kinds of stuff. If you ever damage your LED TV, try the repair services from Dsmenders.com. We offer LED TV Service/Repair, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven and Lot more.

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