ps Dsmenders Rolling shutter

Rolling Shutter Doors:

Rolling Shutter takes care of richly the issue of the simple and secure shutting of carports and stores, in ideal congruity with the windows Rolling shutters. Aluminum/ms profile with natural polyurethane froth protection, with transitional profiles in expelled aluminum for lighting and for ventilation, accessible in similar shades of the shading range. Alongside the huge scope of extras, the Dsmenders items for entryways and carports permits to discover various arrangements uniquely crafted and continually meeting the prerequisites of the codes in power.


  • Motorized Rolling shutters are planned and worked to suit the client’s necessity with high security and feel
  • A wide scope of adornments
  • Manuel opening Systems
  • Remote Control
  • Powerful tubular motor and equipment
  • Optional Safety Photocell
  • 25 cm/second operation speed
  • Wide range M S /Aluminium Profiles
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